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Work medicine balls into your daily exercise routine for building or toning muscle

Weightlifting and other common workout routines can be hard on the body, but medicine balls provide you with a low-impact way to focus on building strength. Add a heavier medicine ball from Kmart to a lifting regime focused on body weights. By raising the ball from the floor to shoulder height in sets of 10 or 20, you can concentrate your workout on your upper body rather than single muscle groups, and you can opt for a range of heavy weights, with balls weighing as much as 50 pounds. Lighter balls can be easier to lift and let you incorporate more reps into your workout.

Weight balls can also be used for cardio training. After a workout on your exercise bike, devote 10 minutes to lifting a small medicine ball while your heart rate is still up. With a rubber weight ball, you can even run or skip up and down the gym while bouncing your ball on the floor, giving you a great workout that focuses on cardio, strength and agility. Medicine balls are portable enough to bring to the track or the courts, and they can also be used with friends by simply tossing them back and forth while you catch up on the day's news at the gym.

Like kettlebells, medicine balls can be used to work on specific muscle groups or get more from your current routine. Diversify your workout with medicine balls from Kmart.