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Strength & Weight Training

Be a lean, mean machine with weight lifting equipment from Kmart

Strength training allows you to build muscle and tone up with a wide range of exercises. Weight lifting equipment is a great addition to your collection and serves to balance cardio workouts. Whether you’re looking for medicine balls or full-fledged gym stations, Kmart has just what you need. Choose from a wide range of gear to work everything from your arms and legs to your back and core.

Weight training equipment like push-up and pull-up bars as well as ab and core training sets let you focus on developing a leaner physique. Strengthen your arms, legs and abdomen and shed the extra weight in months with a strict and rigorous routine. Kettlebells and dumbbells can be used along with cardio exercises for a full body workout. After you finish running on your treadmill, use strength training aids to enhance your lunges, crunches and squats.

Weight plates and other strength training equipment like power towers enable you to target specific muscle groups. A weight bench provides the necessary support you need to lift anything from light barbells to heavy bars. You can even opt for a home gym station that encompasses a vast variety of lifting exercises. From fitness accessories to weight lifting equipment, Kmart has all the tools you need to stay in shape.