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Take your workout to another level with kettlebells from Kmart

When you start building a home gym, you don't have to build it with complicated fitness accessories equipment. Kick off your lifting sessions with simple tools like kettlebells. These devices not only focus on building strength, but they also can be used for endurance and cardio routines. Kmart carries complete kettlebell sets that are easy to store around the house and don't take up much space.

Kettlebells help you to focus on specific muscle groups and build functional strength. You can perform different types of exercises, which make your routine more interesting as well as challenging. This type of fitness equipment is designed not to be strenuous on your joints, and they also help elevate heartrate instantly so you can achieve a great cardio workout.

You can dedicate a special area in your home gym to weights and floor exercise. Durable gym flooring tiles are the best option to avoid slipping and hurting yourself. You can even use your kettlebell set in daily cardio exercises. For instance, consider carrying lighter options as you run, walk or jog outdoors. Whether you're looking to stay in shape or get toned, Kmart carries a wide selection of kettlebells and strength training equipment for any routine.