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Delight your dog with new dog toys from Kmart

Entertain dogs of any breed and size with the latest dog toys. Whether your furry friend is playing alone or with a human companion, the right toys are sure to keep them busy and satisfied for hours.

New dog toys make bonding with a family pet exciting. You’ll love watching your little pup leap into the air to catch a flying disc in the neighborhood park. Keep the game going until your doggy is ready to take a nap in their comfy dog bed. Inside the house, a dog is sure to enjoy the friendly competition of tug of war with a durable rope shaped like a cute animal. Toy ropes are easy to grip and can withstand vigorous chewing and pulling during tugging games. Playfully connect with your pooches using fun, adorable toys.

Sometimes, work and other tasks get in the way of playing with your dog. Keep your energetic pooch occupied, try popping some dog treats inside food delivery toys. In order to get the treat, your dog has to figure out how to remove it from the chew toy or puzzle. Flavorful dental toys clean a canine’s teeth while they chew. Find a wide assortment of dog toys from Kmart .