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Pet Supplies

Keep your animals happy and healthy with pet supplies

Whether you're setting up your home for a new furry friend or maintaining a vibrant aquarium for an aquatic companion, creating a comforting environment for any animal is easy with the right pet supplies. Kmart has everything from nutritious food to soft beds to make any pet feel right at home. Explore supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish and more.

Treat your dog or cat to a few snacks and toys to show your appreciation. The family dog will love playing fetch with a brand-new ball or flyer before napping on a plush bed. A few treats can act as a training tool while coaxing the puppy to walk on a leash or teaching your dog how to shake. If your cat could use a little more excitement in the day, try toys like fluffy feather wands or carpet-covered scratching posts. Grooming gear and bathing aids can help maintain a cleaner household, so you spend less time scouring the floors with an upright vacuum cleaner and more time enjoying the company of your animal friends.

Households with smaller animals can also find quality pet supplies. Keep conditioners and filtration supplies in the storage cabinet to maintain a clean, colorful aquarium, or set up an aviary with fresh seed and textured perches. Small animal owners can find soft bedding, hanging water bottles and durable feeding bowls to enhance their pet's container. Show your pets how much you care with food, toys and accessories from Kmart.