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Help Fido sleep soundly with a new dog bed

Keep your furry friend off of the furniture and give them somewhere soft and warm to sleep with a new dog bed. Kmart's pet bedding includes giant dog pillows as well as memory foam beds that offer just the amount of comfort and support your dog needs. After they settle into their new bed, it won't just be the place where they go to sleep. Your pup will bring all of his or her favorite dog toys there and run to bed to devour treats and bones.

Cleaning a house where a dog lives can be tough, especially if they're running around after being outside in the rain. Thankfully, many dog pillows are made from antibacterial and water resistant coating to keep your pup's new sleeping area looking and smelling clean. If you have several animals, a dog bed with raised walls can help each animal establish its own territory.

Even if the family dog has a dog house outside, having a soft bed inside for them to rest on is just as important. Find an affordable new dog bed or a memory foam dog pillow at Kmart for the family pet so they can take comfortable naps during the day and sleep easily throughout the night.