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Find dog bowls for any breed at Kmart

Whether you're getting your first family dog or just replacing old plates and bowls that have passed their prime, finding a dog bowl that suits your furry friend's size and personality is important. Having a dedicated accessory and special spot for your pet to eat can make training much easier. They'll come running every time they hear dog food falling into a metallic or plastic bowl. Dog dishes featuring non-skid bottoms will resist sliding away as they hungrily devour their meal.

Alongside accessories like dog beds and leashes, dog bowls are absolutely essential when outfitting your home for a new pet. Add a filtered circulating water bowl to the kitchen so that your new pooch can access fresh tasting water all day long. Elevated food and water bowls are great for larger dogs. Instead of having to hunch over during meal time, simply move the adjustable base to the appropriate height for your dog to eat comfortably and naturally. For pets that display restraint while eating, gravity dog feeders and waterers keep their bowls filled all day long.

From dog bowls and treats to toys, dog crates, finding the supplies you need to take care of and play with your new best friend is easy with the selection at Kmart. Make mealtime easier with affordable new dog dishes for feeding your pet.