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Keep your weight plates steady with new weight bars from Kmart

If you're using weight plates to build muscle and improve stamina, you know that having the right equipment is crucial. Weight bars and weightlifting collars can help keep each weight firmly in place, ensuring a safe and proper workout. Kmart carries the latest designs, ranging from curl bars to straight Olympic varieties.

When setting up your home gym, consider different weight bars to customize different routines. For instance, keep a curling bar on hand when performing curls, or consider a small dumbbell bars if you prefer lifting with each arm. Large Olympic designs are ideal when doing deadlifts or benching. Choose from select models featuring special hand grips so you can lift safely. Make sure you have gym tiles to keep your floors protected when lifting, and find racks to hold each bar to keep your space tidy.

Securing each weight plate is essential. Weight collars are constructed from durable materials to hold each plate firmly in place. You'll find various models, including lock jaw, screw-on and spring weight clips. No matter what your session entails, lifting can help you improve flexibility, build strength and tone your body. Kmart has the latest weight bars and collars to ensure your weightlifting routines are done properly.