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Easily create hearty meals with a slow cooker

Between long days at the office and countless errands or tasks, you might be too tired to quickly prepare a home-cooked meal. Fortunately, slow cookers conveniently cook ingredients over a low and slow heat. While you're at work, the cooker transforms tough cuts of meat into juicy roasts. The sturdy lid locks in moisture, so the resulting meals are tender and flavorful. Create a variety of sweet or savory dishes with minimal effort.

A slow cooker is very user-friendly. Its large, stoneware basin acts as both a mixing bowl and roasting pan. Layer carrots and potatoes with fresh chicken and secure the clear, glass lid on top. Set the temperature to a low heat while you're at work for the day. If you want extra control over your meal, try a programmable pot. Program your cooker to switch from cooking to warming mode with the push of a button.

After hours of slow roasting, your warm meal will be ready to eat. Serve a large family with a six-quart cooker or try a smaller, three-quart model for solo cooking. Pop leftovers in food storage containers and this handy appliance can help prepare meals for the whole week. Many models feature stoneware pots that are dishwasher safe, making cleanup as easy as possible. Prepare delicious meals with less effort using a slow cooker from Kmart.