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Wii U

Play games and stream your favorite media on a Wii U

Whether you’re a serious gamer or are just looking for a fun new way to entertain the family, the Wii U has the games and features to meet your demands. From classic Nintendo titles and characters that have been updated for the next generation to third-party favorites, the Wii U has games that will entertain the entire household. You can even log on to Nintendo’s eShop and download retro games from past video game systems. The gaming possibilities are nearly endless with the Wii U from Kmart.

The Wii U isn’t just a gaming console. It’s a fully-featured entertainment machine. Watch hit movies through popular streaming services, chat with friends and browse the internet with the Wii U’s user-friendly interface. It even wirelessly links with your Nintendo 3DS to share data, unlock achievements and interact with Amiibo figurines. Upgrade your gaming setup with an assortment of Wii accessories, including controllers, cords and protective cases.

The Wii U is also HDMI compatible for easy pairing with a high definition television and home theater system, so you can experience all of your entertainment in immersive, three-dimensional sound. Stream music, watch movies and play games all on the same device with a versatile Wii U from Kmart.