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Enjoy interactive gameplay with the latest video games from Kmart

When you want to experience stunning visuals, booming sound and intense gameplay, bring home a selection of the latest video game consoles and games. From Nintendo to Sony to Microsoft, Kmart has the latest games and gaming equipment from your favorite manufacturers. Whether you prefer fast-paced sports or role-playing games, find titles that deliver the action you’re looking for. With wireless technology it’s easier than ever to connect and compete with friends, family and fellow gamers anywhere in the world.

Hook up a Playstation 4, Wii U or Xbox One to your television for a complete home entertainment experience. With the latest consoles and gaming equipment, you can even watch your favorite movies, chat with friends and surf the Internet from the comfort of your couch. Bring a Nintendo 3DS along on vacation or your daily commute. The touch screen technology and 3D visuals provide interactive fun for kids of all ages. Bundles that include a console, games and accessories make a great gift for the gamer in your life.

If gaming on a desktop computer or laptop is more your style, Kmart also carries a wide selection of PC titles to help you get in on the action. Take your fun to the next level with the latest video games and gaming equipment.