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Keep the fun times rolling with Nintendo DS games

Whether you just bought your first Nintendo DS hardware or you have had one for years, you will need to build a collection of high-quality Nintendo DS games that are challenging and entertaining. Just because you have a handheld gaming device doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice quality gaming. In fact, many of your favorite console games have handheld counterparts that play on popular handheld gaming devices such as the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi and the Nintendo 3DS. While Nintendo 3DS games won't play on the older systems, your 3DS is backwards compatible with other older model games. This means that your DS games will still be playable for years to come.

One of the great advantages to the Nintendo DS is that it comes with two screens: one for viewing game play, and one for a completely interactive experience. The only thing you have to decide is what type of game you want to play. The Nintendo DS offers games that explore the individual stand-out features of the system, as well as traditional games in other categories such as sports, first-person shooters and classic characters.

If you want something that is practically designed for the two-screen options of the Nintendo DS, then you will love a stylus-friendly game like "Scribblenauts". This game is a top favorite on the lists of just about any game critic for its fun and innovative style of game play. The "Professor Layton" series is also a great match for the DS system. As you navigate through a series of puzzles, you will love the multi-level approach offered by the dual screens.

Though some games seem practically designed for the DS system, others continue a long-running tradition of being best-selling Nintendo games. Familiar characters make a comeback in "Super Mario" and "Mario Kart" versions made especially for the DS system. Now, instead of merely controlling your characters with a joystick and buttons, you can opt for interactive game play using your touch screen and stylus. Also popular on this platform are a myriad of Pokemon and Zelda games, featuring the characters you love and storylines that engage you from beginning to end.

Of course, there is great game play for grown-ups, too. You can opt to play some of your favorite sports games from FIFA, NBA, NFL and MLB. With each Olympic games, Mario and Sonic return with a new edition of game play that features some of your favorite Olympic sports. You can also opt for first person shooter games such as "Metroid" and "Call of Duty" if you want some more gritty action. Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart, you are bound to find the perfect Nintendo DS games at Kmart. We offer a great selection of games on a variety of platforms to fit any personality and lifestyle. Stop by to select the perfect games for you!