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Add a few toy train buildings and scenery for a whole new experience

No train set is complete without scenery, buildings, trees and other accessories that will make your child's experience more exciting. At Kmart, we carry of accessories that will allow your loved one to create toy train scenery they'll want to show off to friends and family. Choose from hundreds of different types of trees, conductors, buildings, light fixtures, buildings, windmills, flagpoles and anything else you might see around real train tracks. At Kmart, our selection of toy train accessories is wide and affordable at the same time, so you can continually build out your loved one's collection for new and exciting combinations.

At Kmart, we have train scenery and accessories for all kinds of train sets, whether you're looking for something for the collector or a toy that will thrill a young child. Little kids love to play with toy train sets that have accessories that make playing more fun. Choose from our huge selection of toy train buildings for little ones. With the Tomy Chuggington Die-Cast Portable Double Decker Roundhouse, your little one can store his or her trains in the garage just like real life. We also have plenty of playsets that include train stations, platforms and other structures typically needed for train tracks.

For adults or older children who want to create elaborate towns criss-crossed like a puzzle for their trains to run through, we have plenty of buildings and little houses that can be used for scenery. Create a beautiful Christmas scene with our selection of Christmas trains, trees, billboards and other seasonally themed accessories that are sure to put your family in the holiday spirit. Lionel trains make beautifully detailed accessories that feature real brands and trains used by companies such as Amtrak. The brand also has tons of different seasonal trains, such as the Polar Express, the Nutcracker Route TrainSet and more.

For children, we have great accessories that are both and easy for children to set up. We carry several brands that make Thomas and Friends trains, accessories, buildings and scenery so your little ones can recreate their favorite scenes or use their imagination to come up with new ideas using their favorite characters. If your child loves trains and train sets, they can collect all kinds of accessories so they can build up their train scenery. Train accessories are the perfect gift because you can get one of two accessories at a time, depending on the occasion, or you can really help your child build up his or her collection.

Shopping for train accessories and scenery is easy at Kmart because of the huge selection and affordable prices. Both children and adults love creating elaborate train sets that they can play with or show off for decoration. Get your whole family involved with creating the perfect seasonal train set, or let your little one create his or her own little town. So no matter what kind of train accessories you're looking for, we have everything you need.