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Challenge growing minds with interactive puzzles from Kmart

Whether you're trying to fight the boredom of a rainy day or test out your brain, puzzles are great toys for young ones and adults. Kmart carries a wide variety of brain teasers for people of all ages and skill levels. Create basic shapes with a set of travel tangrams or construct a 3-D replica of famous landmarks. No matter which types you choose, puzzle games will help your little ones stay focused and entertained.

Young children can start developing skills for school with word and number games. These interactive tools engage children with bright colors and fun designs. Help your little ones memorize the alphabet with a wooden puzzle. Set up the large, decorated board on a toddler desk for hours of educational playtime. Your kids will have a great time learning while manipulating the smooth, multicolored pieces.

Older children can put their skills to use with more advanced games. Your kids can work together to build a sprawling 3-D pirate ship or a jigsaw puzzle that covers the entire living room table. If they prefer a solo challenge, brain teasers put clever minds to the test. Tangrams, 3-D cubes and cast puzzles provide hours of portable entertainment. Store a few in a backpack to pass the time during downtime on vacations or trips. Enjoy the challenge of new puzzle games from Kmart.