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Teach kids new concepts using exciting electronic learning systems

Challenge both boys and girls with new electronic learning systems covering a broad range of topics. You can find standalone electronic learning toys, or choose systems that connect to other multimedia devices throughout your home. Connect compatible models to Wi-Fi to download updates for ever-changing fun. Expand your child's knowledge base using the latest educational electronic toys, learning platforms and software from Kmart.

Create a stimulating environment for children by keeping an array of educational electronics, music toys and other learning and development toys on hand. Toddlers will be delighted with an activity desk that produces appealing music, lights and sounds. Easy-to-follow LED lights reveal how to draw letters, numbers and shapes. Older kids can learn how to make change with a toy cash register or reach targets placed around the room using basic coding skills.

Start teaching your children computer literacy skills using kids' learning platforms. They can learn new concepts, sing along to fun tunes and send pretend emails on a toy laptop. Kids will have a blast using their very own childrens tablet. The vibrant, colorful animations guide tykes through learning adventures as they complete each level to see what's next. Educational software adds variety to your child's education. Like educational workbooks, kids' learning programs help kids study math, reading and science at home. Keep your child's mind sharp with electronic learning systems from Kmart.