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Give your children a way to learn and experiment using sound toys

Music is a great way for children to learn and develop. Show your little ones how to play notes or simple melodies with kids' sound toys. Sing into a toy microphone or tap a baby tambourine for percussion and listen as they explore on their own. To make playtime with music toys into a fun activity by having older siblings and parents join in with their musical instruments. This can encourage kids to learn the value of teamwork and harmonies. You can even use a voice recorder or camcorder to capture memories that will last a lifetime.

As kids continue to grow and learn new skills like basic scales and full chords on music toys like tiny pianos from Kmart, they can eventually start practicing on real children's guitars, drums and keyboards. They'll have fun starting musical groups with their friends or practicing for school music ensembles. Encourage them to enter talent shows or songwriting competitions to further explore their interests and talents.

Teaching your little ones to combine sounds and make songs using music toys can contribute to developing motor skills, rhythm and pattern recognition. Visit Kmart to explore a large selection of affordable kids' sound toys and transform the way your children's learn and engage with others.