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Keep things fresh by stocking up on new small pet litter

It's easy for your home to be affected by odors from your pet's cage, even if you own a small pet like a hamster, guinea pig or rabbit. Choosing the right litter will help keep your home fresher in-between cleanings, and make the cage easy to take care of when it is time to change out your pet's litter and bedding.

The latest types of small pet litter are designed to be easy to care for and keep your home smelling fresh for longer. Dust free formulations keep small particles and pieces from accumulating around the cage when you're changing the bedding. New litter formulas control odor and create a cleaner and more hygienic environment. These small pet litter options are highly absorbent, so there's no messes left on the bottom of the cage when you change out the litter. When your pet's cage is easier to keep clean, you won't have to replace small pet toys, beds and other cage accessories as frequently due to odors or messes

Even with odor and moisture control benefits, cleaning litter is still a job you don't look forward to. Just like you choose your other small pet health products based on your pet's specific needs, you should choose your litter and bedding based on the qualities that best suit your small animal. Kmart has options that are specialized for various kinds of small pets such as ferrets, rabbits and more.

No one wants their home to be overwhelmed by odors from pet cages. If you're unhappy with your current litter formula, try a new one at Kmart's affordable prices. Be sure to regularly clean your pet's cage and change litter to maintain an ideal and healthy environment.