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Set up space for your dog with dog pens and gates from Kmart

No matter how much you love the family dog, there are going to be places in the house where he or she shouldn't go. A dog pen can help section off a part of the house so your pet stays out of trouble or harm. Kmart carries dog gates that can expand or contract to move the dog's boundaries as needed. A gate or pen lets a dog roam more freely than a dog kennel does when you aren't around.

A dog gate is an essential part of the home for every stage of a dog's life. Untrained puppies can be prone to having accidents around the house, so it’s important to sequester them from room you don’t want getting soiled. Even well-trained dogs can get excited and knock over valuable objects. Fortunately, a pop up dog pen featuring canvas lining can easily keep your pet contained no matter where they are in the house. Instead of restricting your pets to a dog house all season long, set up a temporary pen featuring removable gates inside when it’s too cold or damp outside.

Kmart carries a wide variety of dog pens to block off a room or give your dog plenty of space to relax. Set your dog's boundaries with new dog gates around the house.