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Maintain a clean home with sturdy cat litter boxes from Kmart

Quality litter boxes allow you and your furry friend to enjoy a cleaner, fresher household. These heavy-duty boxes contain messes and odors in closed and open designs with ease. Pet owners can add accessories like litter box liners and mats to cut down on cleaning time. Take care of your pets with a variety of cat supplies from Kmart.

Pet owners and cats alike will appreciate the sturdy designs of these cat litter boxes. An open-style litter box has high walls to contain cat litter, while a covered design adds a removable enclosure for extra privacy. The waterproof plastic is easy to clean while some boxes are treated with anti-microbial and stain resistant coatings for odor control. Choose from different sizes and colors to create an appealing space for your feline.

In addition to cat litter boxes, pet owners can also explore a variety of cat litter box accessories. Litter box liners make cleanup simple. These disposable plastic bags wrap around the interior of the pan, so you can quickly toss dirty litter without the extra mess. Try a scented liner with built-in cat odor control for extra freshness. Add a slotted scoop and scoop holder to tidy up the box. Keep your pets happy and your home clean with cat litter boxes and accessories from Kmart.