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Write and erase with a trusty pencil

Nothing is quite as trusty as a quality No. 2 pencil. Whether you're taking notes, working through a math problem or writing down a chemistry equation, a great pencil will see you through it all. Kmart has an amazing selection of traditional and mechanical pencils to help you write the way you like. With pencil packs on hand, you'll have plenty of writing implements ready to go when one runs out or breaks. Don't forget to grab a pencil sharpener so you never lose that high-quality tip.

If you want a sharp point at the click of a button, then a mechanical pencil is just what you need. Kmart has a great selection of pencil refills to keep these tough little writing tools scribbling for days. Find pencil refill packs to keep you stocked with the right size lead for your favorite pencil. Kids will love multi-colored mechanical pencils that will add a little flair to working on an assignment. Don't forget to grab a few erasers so they can easily clean up any mistakes.

Nothing can beat the reliability of a pencil. Kmart has a host of models that will help you write down anything and everything. Scribble down a to-do list, whip up a fun story or just doodle to pass the time.