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Keep your pencils sharp with a new pencil sharpener from Kmart

Avoid writing with a dull pencil by using a new pencil sharpener. Kmart has manual and electric models suitable for all pencil sizes. An electric sharpener lets you sharpen pencils quickly and efficiently. With a detachable container for shavings, you can keep desktops and floors clean and your sharpener free from buildup. If you’re a graphic designer and use pencils of different sizes, an electric option with a multiple-hole selector lets you keep all your writing instruments ready to use. No matter which you choose, adding one to your writing accessories will let you get to work quickly.

A manual pencil sharpener can be operated without a power source, and it also provides increased control while you sharpen a pencil. A wall- or table-mounted design lets you choose the right pencil size with a multi-hole selector. The locking guide prevents over sharpening, while shavings are collected in a convenient receptacle for easy disposal. If you’re gearing up for a big test, rather than using a pen, pack a portable manual pencil sharpener so you can keep your pencil points sharp throughout the test.

Whether you need one for the classroom or office, a pencil sharpener is essential. Find manual and electric models from Kmart that won’t break the bank.