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Boost Your Mower's Performance with Miscellaneous Tractor Attachments

Enhance your yard tractor with miscellaneous tractor attachments from Kmart. Kmart provides a wide variety of name brand mower supplies and accessories for every tractor make and model. Invest in a new Craftsman steering wheel for the garden tractor, or add a Craftsman commercial-grade grass catcher to the push mower. Install a new Craftsman air filter when performing a tune-up, and continue to mow into the night with the Craftsman tractor light kit.

Whether you own push mowers or yard tractors, you have to complete tune-ups on the machine at least once per season to ensure that the mower performs its best on the job. A worn-out tractor belt causes the blade to slip or not turn at all, so you want to install a new Craftsman primary deck belt the moment you view signs of slack or wear-and-tear. After you install a new belt, you should immediately notice a difference when mowing the lawn.

Miscellaneous tractor attachments, such as Craftsman vacuum hoses, work best with Craftsman and Agri-Fab yard vacs. While leaf blowers push the leaves away from an area, the Agri-Fab yard vac sucks up pine needles and grass clippings. Afterward, you can dispose of the debris or use it in a natural compost bin. As a tractor attachment, the lawn sweeper and vac help you pick up loose yard debris in less time. However, the leaf blower works just as well and lets you blow leaves and loose grass clippings out of the way more efficiently than when using a rake.

After you're done landscaping for the day, you want to clean the mower and tractor attachments to prevent dirt and loose debris from damaging engine parts. With the Craftsman tractor deck wash kit and a Stanley electric pressure washer, you can remove caked-on dirt in less time. Wash away oil and grass clippings from the engine with the Cam Spray electric pressure washer. Unlike a traditional spray hose, the pressure washer offers 1,800 PSI that pumps up to 1.6 gallons of water per minute. With an included soap dispenser, you can wash and rinse the tractor in less steps.

You require miscellaneous tractor attachments to gain the most from your riding lawn mower. Shop Kmart online or at the store for the most affordable inventory of name brand tractor attachments and lawn and garden supplies for your yard.