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Tractor Attachments

Upgrade your riding lawn mower with tractor attachments

With tractor attachments, your riding tractor can be more than just a lawn mower. Kmart has a full line of helpful tractor accessories for all your lawn and garden needs. From seed spreaders and bagger attachments to lawn sweepers and carts, tractor attachments make it possible to complete any number of outdoor jobs in less time with less effort. With durable steel frames and large wheels, tractor accessories can go anywhere your lawn tractor can go. For quick maintenance or repairs, choose replacement tractor belts, oil filters or mounting brackets. 

Your riding tractor can help you complete your entire gardening to-do list with the right tractor attachments. Put away your rake and let a mulch kit and bagger take care of the grass clippings and leaves. Just empty the convenient storage containers onto your garden or flower beds for a nutrient-rich mulch. Whether you're planting vegetables, grass or wildflowers, an aerator and dethatcher can help take the toughest work out of soil preparation. Put your tractor to use all year round by adding a salt solution to your spreader to keep your driveway ice-free during the winter. 

Use a convenient pull-behind cart to haul your mulch, fertilizer and outdoor tools to your work area. Give your next lawn and garden project a head start with tractor attachments from Kmart.