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Keep your lawn healthy and thick with lawn aerators and dethatchers

If you want a lush lawn, then a lawn aerator and dethatcher should be a part of your maintenance routine. A pull behind aerator attaches to the back of your tractor or riding motor. As you navigate your backyard, your aerator will puncture the ground and create holes. These channels allow water and nutrients to reach your lawn's deep roots. Dethatchers help remove the dead plants and debris that gather on the ground and can prevent the soil from absorbing water properly. When used together, your lawn will be revitalized and enriched with water and nutrients from fertilizer.

You only need to use your lawn tractor aerator and dethatcher a few times per year to produce great results. With sizes ranging from 36 inches to 38 inches, you'll only need a few passes over your lawn to fully dethatch and aerate your soil. While this process alone can create a greener lawn, it is particular effective before fertilizing. Your favorite fertilizers will work more effectively in loosened soil, so they can reach the roots of your vegetation.

While most people make time for lawn mowers and line trimmers, lawn aerators and dethatchers will make your lawn truly spectacular. Incorporate pull behind aerators into your lawn care routine for a healthier and happier yard. Explore the great lawn aerators and dethatchers for your landscaping routine at Kmart.