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Improve Your Winter Plow with Snow Plow Accessories from Kmart

You want to remove snow from the driveway with as little effort as possible, so invest in snow plow accessories for your riding mower or vehicle. Kmart carries a range of Meyer plow accessories, which attach a Meyer Home Plow to your truck or SUV. To control the unit, the Home Plow by Meyer uses a push-button controller for maneuvering the plow up and down. Whether you own a Ford or a Wagoneer, you can find a hitch for your make and model at Kmart.

Snow plows let you move more snow in less time. Using the Home Plow by Meyer, you can easily remove snow from large driveways or smaller parking lots. Snow plows are available for most riding mowers, and the Craftsman Garden Tractor blade also doubles as a dozer blade for pushing dirt in the spring and summer. When you want to spend less time in the cold, attach a plow to your mower or vehicle, and finish the job quickly and efficiently.

When you combine snow plows and gas snowblowers, you have a powerful toolset for clearing snow and ice. A Craftsman dual-stage gas snowblower clears a 26-inch path and blows the snow up to 30 yards away. Commercial-duty 15-horsepower snowblowers are also available for removing up to 220 percent more snow. In addition, snowblowers have increased traction for maneuvering over ice, so you have full control of the machine as you work.

Preparing for winter means having the snow removal accessories you need to make your job easier. HeatTrak snow-melting walkway mats melt the snow and ice on contact, leaving you a clear walkway from the door to the driveway. When you have to step out into the cold with the snow plow, attach a Craftsman tractor cab on your riding mower. The cab keeps you warm and protects you from the wind and snow. Additionally, fill up your snowblower with Explorer synthetic oil to ensure that it operates smoothly in the harshest conditions. Afterward, protect your snowblower and snow plow with Craftsman Professional snowblower and plow covers.

In order to get the most from your snow plow, you require snow plow accessories that attach your plow to any truck or SUV. Shop Kmart for a more affordable inventory of quality snow removal equipment and winter accessories online or at the store.