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Snow Removal Equipment

Prepare for winter weather conditions with snow removal equipment

When a blizzard is in the forecast, don’t get stuck at home without the right cold weather supplies. From huge snow plows to handheld salt spreaders, Kmart has all the tools you need to control layers of snow and ice. Welcome blustery weather with confidence with a variety of snow removal tools in the storage shed.

Snow removal equipment can sweep away even the heaviest snowdrifts from your property. Start with a durable snow shovel or snow pusher for lighter snowfall. The ergonomic design helps prevent fatigue while clearing a covered driveway. For heavier storms, try a snow blower with a rotating auger. Electric models are lightweight and agile, while gas models offer extra power. Snow plows and accessories can easily push away piles of snow with a self-angling blade.

After the snow has been removed, take care of layers of slippery ice with ice melting equipment. Pick up a salt spreader to evenly distribute ice melt along the driveway. For particularly stubborn patches, grab a snow scraper with a beveled head. The gentle, but effective scraper can remove thick layers from the front porch. For areas of high snowfall, keep a standby generator on hand for winter blizzards. Tackle winter weather cleanup with snow removal equipment from Kmart.