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Tackle tough outdoor cleaning projects with a powerful new gas pressure washer from Kmart

When more conventional cleaning methods just aren't enough to take care of ground-in dirt, stains and more around your home or workshop, a new gas pressure washer can provide the power to handle even the toughest jobs. The wheeled, portable designs make it easy to move a gas pressure washer exactly where it's needed. When it's time to get started, simply add gasoline and oil, connect the device to a water source and an outlet and pull the trigger. It's that simple to apply up to 4,200 PSI, depending on the model, to nearly any surface.

When the weather is nice, try cleaning the car at home with a pressure washer featuring a lower PSI. Use the adjustable or interchangeable nozzle to produce a gentle mist that won't damage the finish. Try customizing your setup with pressure washer accessories and attachments from Kmart, like specialty cleaning solutions, for finding the right combination for your specific project. After you're finished, turn the sprayer towards the ground and use it to remove oil stains or other unsightly marks on the pavement.

When it's time to clean the deck or your home's exterior, a gas-powered pressure washer can help you finish the job faster. Gas power washers are perfect when you don't have access to an outlet for a electric power washers. Get more outdoor cleaning done with a new gas pressure washer from Kmart.