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Pressure Washers

Remove stains and dirt quickly with a pressure washer from Kmart 

A new pressure washer is a versatile device. From porches and windows to patio furniture and decks, this machine can perform various tasks around the house. Kmart carries the latest power washers in a wide range of models to fit your specific requirements. You'll find everything from compact options ideal for routine maintenance to commercial washers for heavy-duty tasks.

A pressure washer can leave a dirty surface looking spotless in no time. By combining water, cleaning solutions and compressed air, the powerful stream from the sprayer removes dirt from deep cracks and crevices. Find machines with maximum pressure ratings ranging from 1000 PSI to as high as 4000 PSI. Most models let you adjust the pressure to handle any task. Start on a lower setting to work the stain, and increase it if the spot is tougher than expected. 

A high-grade power washer can remove paint from wooden decks, and some have enough reach to eliminate dirt from unreachable spots on your siding. If you're on the go with a pressure washer, pair it with a portable generator to make sure you never run out of a power. From household tasks to commercial-level jobs, Kmart carries a wide variety of pressure washers to keep any space clean.