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Breath new life into outdoor spaces with garden plants from Kmart

Whether you're just starting your first garden or are getting your existing garden ready for another year of vibrant greenery, new garden plants, seeds and grasses can help beautify all your outdoor spaces. Eager gardeners can start growing garden plants indoors early in the year by sowing nursery plant seeds in a sturdy planter. As the weather improves and the plant grows in size, the nursery plants can be transplanted into a larger pot, raised garden bed or a traditional in-ground plot.

If the gardening season is already well underway, getting caught up to speed is simpler with a selection of bulbs from Kmart. These convenient nursery plants are easy to plant and require very little maintenance. With a little dedication and elbow grease, even the most experienced gardener will be able to enjoy nurturing a bulb and watching as it grows into a full, flowering plant. Better yet, many wintertime, indoor varieties of bulbs are available for year-round gardening and decoration.

Even if your garden is the most carefully conceived and executed plot in the whole neighborhood, it won't mean much if it's surround by spotty, discolored grass. Take a break from gardening and spend some time tending to the lawn with lawn grasses. Building and maintaining the lawn and garden of your dreams is easier with new garden plants, seeds and garden tools from Kmart.