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Outdoor Tools & Supplies

Maintain a beautiful lawn with garden supplies from Kmart 

Up keeping a yard has never been easier when you have the right garden tools at your fingertips. Kmart has all the essential garden supplies you need, ranging from hand tools and trimmers to gardening gloves and apparel. Choose equipment that fits any project, and build a blossoming lawn to complement your home for years to come. 

A well-manicured lawn is visually appealing and serves as a strong foundation for a healthy garden. Use yard tools like a rolling spreader to sow grass seeds, and pick a good fertilizer that will nourish the soil. Weed repellants can be applied to affected areas with the help of a sprayer, and you can keep lawn and garden attachments with a sturdy riding lawn mower. This machine helps you cover large spaces in a shorter period of time and involve minimal physical exertion. 

You can also enhance your outdoor space with border fencing, decorative lighting or pretty patio planters. No matter what outdoor supplies you need, they all can be held in a storage building to keep any lawn free of clutter. You'll be able to keep all your garden tools arranged properly and out of sight when they're not being used. Create a stunning and pristine setup with all the right garden supplies from Kmart.