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Enhance Your UTV with a Universal Mount Kit from Kmart

Whether you own the Bad Boy or the Arctic Cat, invest in a universal mount kit for your utility task vehicle. Kmart carries a range of universal mount kits to use with most UTVs and ATVs. If you hunt, then attaching a Powerloader to your UTV makes it much easier to transport wild game back to the truck. With the Great Day Powerloader mounting bracket, you have what you need to mount the loader with ease.

Tractor attachments, such as loaders and scoops, work with most ATVs and UTVs. The Great Day Powerloader also works well for transporting firewood and supplies to a campsite. Despite its 29-pound aluminum frame, the Powerloader supports up to 250 pounds. With a press of the button, it raises material from ground level to the height you need.

From hunting to landscaping, you want to take advantage of the attachments and accessories available for your ATV. Hitches and hitch kits let you attach a variety of tractor and ATV attachments. The Ohio Steel hitch kit lets you tow almost any attachment that uses a ball hitch, and the Great Day hitch extender provides additional space between your ATV and the attachment. With a Powerloader up front and the Great day UTV Hitch-n-Ride in the back, you have more than enough cargo space to haul lawn supplies or wild game anywhere you need it.

While you require a mounting kit for the Powerloader, you only need a hitch to tow dump carts and other ATV attachments. When you combine an Ohio Steel dump cart with the Powerloader, you have enough storage space to haul a combination of supplies and gear. With the Ohio Steel flatbed ATV cart, you can tow additional equipment or wild game back home or to the truck. Its sturdy 16-gauge steel frame supports up to 1,000 pounds, and the 18-inch wheels maneuver easily over the most uneven terrain. Whether it's a dump cart for gardening or a flatbed cart for hunting, find an attachment that improves your productivity on the ATV.

With a universal mount kit, you can mount almost any loader to your ATV or UTV. From Great Day mount kits to Ohio Steel hitches, shop online at Kmart for the most affordable inventory of ATV attachments and supplies.