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Improve Your ATV with Hitches and Hitch Kits from Kmart

Use hitches and hitch kits to attach useful accessories such as carts and mowers to your ATV. Kmart carries a range of heavy-duty hitches and kits, all of which install easily to most ATVs and UTVs. The Ohio Steel hitch kit lets you haul any ATV attachment that uses a ball-hitch, and the Great Day UTV Hitch-n-Ride lets you carry up to 400 pounds on the backend. In addition, use the Great Day hitch extender if you require more room between the ATV and the attachment.

With a newly mounted hitch, you can transform your ATV into a powerful riding lawn mower. If you want to increase your speed and productivity when cutting your lawn or a commercial landscape, attach the Agri-Fab 42-inch rough-cut mower to the ATV. Its 14.5-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine provides the power you need to cut through the thickest grass and weeds. Furthermore, the heavy-duty blades cut up to two-inch diameter branches and saplings with ease. Reduce your cutting time with the Stanley 20-horsepower tow-behind mower. Its 100-inch cutting deck lets you cut more grass so that you can move on to the next job in less time.

You can improve your ATV even more with miscellaneous accessories such as adapter brackets and safety flags. Spray herbicide and pesticide easily with the Great Day SuperSpot swing-away boom. It attaches to the backend of the ATV, and it spreads an evenly spaced mist as you ride along the yard or garden. Carry more passengers on your UTV with the Great Day Deluxe Rumble Seat. It offers two additional seats for passengers, and its thick padding and seat belts keep passengers comfortable and safe while riding.

A Great Day hitch lets you attach even more accessories to improve your ATV. In fact, you can attach a lawn sweeper to quickly and easily remove leaves and pine needles from your lawn. The Craftsman high-speed sweeper clears a 42-inch path and collects the debris in the storage bag. For larger yards, tow the Craftsman Poly Mow-N-Vac to pick up leaves and yard debris with less effort.

Hitches and hitch kits let you create the ultimate recreational or dependable ATV. Shop online at Kmart for the biggest and most affordable selection of name brand ATV attachments and lawn and garden supplies for your all-terrain vehicle.