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Keep your space tidy with a shoe organizer from Kmart

Keeping your closet organized can simplify your daily routine. A simple shoe organizer lets you stack a couple of tiers of shoes together for easy visibility and access. Kmart has models featuring two or three shelves as well as those with as many as half a dozen shelves for the shoe collector. A shoe rack can even be hung from the closet rod or on the back of a door to get everything up off of the floor. This device also allows you to make room for a closet storage system , so you can sort the rest of your wardrobe.

A shoe organizer isn't just limited to keeping your closet tidy. The mound of footwear that piles up by the front door or in the foyer can be sorted onto a two-tier shoe rack and tucked into the corner instead of spilling out by the entrance to your home. A shoe tree and a storage cabinet are perfect options for keeping your kid's shoes and outwear organized in any mudroom.

Whether you're cleaning up the closet or giving family and guests a space to put their shoes, a shoe rack makes a functional addition to any home. Find an affordable shoe organizer at Kmart for your entryway or closet.