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Closet Storage

Keep your wardrobe tidy with closet storage supplies

A disheveled closet can be a sore spot in any room. Fortunately, closet storage items can help you keep track of all your clothes. Expanding your bedroom furniture to include a new dresser or armoire isn't an easy solution in a small room, but efficiently organizing a cluttered closet can free up quite a bit of space without adding bulky new furniture. Kmart has affordable storage carts, drawers and portable wardrobes, offering you with many closet organization solutions to tidy everything from a child's wardrobe to a full walk-in closet.

Wicker baskets and bins offer a quaint sense of style while providing an easy solution to sorting out a closet. Closet storage drawers put jewelry and accessories in their place, and they also help to reduce the risk of delicate chains getting tangled. Hanging organizers can keep shoes, scarves and hats in one convenient place. Coordinate your closet design with the rest of your home decor to create a seamless transition from open spaces like hallways and bedrooms to storage areas.

Closets can quickly transform from organized wardrobes into piles of clothes without the right closet storage supplies. Kmart carries shelves, hangers and other closet organization items to make your space tidy and efficient.