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Shoe cushions enhance the comfort of any footwear

A set of shoe cushions can upgrade any pair of casual, formal or athletic shoes in your closet. Whether adding padding to a worn pair of flats or finding orthotic inserts to use with support socks, Kmart has options make any foot feel more comfortable. Pick up a new set of inserts to revitalize your footwear in seconds.

While full-length insoles are designed to fit a wide range of shoe sizes, you can easily trim excess material for a custom fit. Pick up a massaging gel insole to add support to a pair of work shoes. Features like arch support and added ventilation help you stay comfortable on your feet for long shifts. Athletes can try a pair of sports inserts to add extra cushioning for high-intensity activities. Try a set with built-in odor treatment to keep shoes fresh and clean through vigorous workouts.

Orthotic inserts are specially designed to address specific foot concerns. Slide a heel pad into a pair of uncomfortable dress shoes for a fresh layer of cushioning. The luxurious materials feel calming against the skin for those with sensitive heels. Kmart also has options to keep your toes protected, from hammertoe wraps to soft splints that fit under socks. Put a little pep in your step with the soothing comfort of shoe cushions.