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Soothe tired feet with foot care products

If your feet need a little TLC, foot care products can provide the welcome relief that you need. From massaging insoles to wart-removing bandages, these items keep you more comfortable throughout busy work days. Add new foot care treatments from Kmart to the medicine cabinet to keep your feet happy and healthy.

Add a full-length insert into a pair of work shoes for extra arch support, or try a massaging gel insole to transform a pair of thin-soled flats. These orthotics slip directly into the shoe, so transforming any footwear takes only seconds. Old athletic sneakers can receive a burst of freshness from an odor treatment with a clean scent. Simply sprinkle a little powder inside the shoe to absorb moisture. For a quick and mess-free solution to pesky odors, try spray powders that cool as they deodorize.

Foot care treatments can also prevent discomfort from a variety of common conditions. Try a brush-on treatment for nail fungus, or pick up a soothing cream to calm Athlete's Foot with built-in itch relief. These over-the-counter remedies help bring relief to irritated skin. You can also explore remedies for corns, calluses, bunions and warts. These easy-to-use treatments will get your feet ready for sandal season in no time. Take care of tired feet with a soothing selection of foot care products from Kmart.