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Let your child ride with bike training wheels and aids from Kmart

Beginning riders and pros alike can sharpen their skills with bike training aids. From bike training wheels to indoor bike trainers, Kmart has options for riders of any level. Become a better cyclist with tools like trailer cycles, indoor trainers and more.

When your kids are learning to ride for the first time, bike training aids can make the process fun and easy. With a trailer cycle, parents can pedal ahead while the little one tags along behind. Unlike bike-mounted carriers, these devices allow children to get a feel for the road while they ride behind a more experienced cyclist. When the kids are ready to learn how to balance on a two-wheeler, a set of bike training wheels is a major asset. These wheels are easy to install and remove, so you get more use out of any bike.

Bicycle training aids are also helpful for experienced riders. An indoor bike trainer helps cyclists log miles, even when the roads are slick and icy. Slip your rear bicycle tire into the sturdy device and adjust the resistance as needed. You'll feel like you're pedaling on the open roads with the help of the magnetic technology. When your training is complete, simply fold the trainer and store it until the next session. Any cyclist can learn new skills with bike training wheels and other training aids from Kmart.