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Bring your kid along for the ride in a bike trailer

A nice leisurely bike ride through town or down a paved or well-worn trail is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, and your kid loves the ride too. Hook a bike trailer up to the back of your cycle and you're ready to go. You child will love the transparent canopy that lets them watch the clouds and the trees pass by overhead. Like many other universal specialty bike accessories, Kmart's selection of baby bike carriers are compatible with most bicycle models, frames and brands. These can hook up to your bike safely and securely in a matter of minutes.

When your child is too young, a baby bike carrier adds a second seat above the rear wheel. Simply secure the carrier and strap your little one in using the provided canvas fasteners. Taking kids for weekly or even daily bike rides with you and they'll be wanting bike training aids before you know it. They'll think it's fun to sit back in a bike trailer and watch the scenery pass by at first, but it's just a matter of time before they want to be riding beside you rather than being pulled behind mom or dad.

The canopy design on a bike trailer helps shield the kids from the weather while making it easy for you to check in on them with just a glance. Start taking your child on bike rides with a baby carrier or trailer from Kmart.