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Save time and money on diapering with cloth diapers

Disposable diapers once seemed like a brilliant invention, but when you consider how many disposable diapers you'll go through as your baby grows, you may want to opt for cloth diapering. Today's trusty cloth diaper is still reusable and machine washable but features many improvements over cloth diapers of the past. Our cloth diapers are designed with removable liners that snap in and are gender-specific for extra absorbency where your baby needs it most.

In addition, many cloth diapers are adjustable using snaps in the back, so they can grow with your child and be more cost effective in the long run. Since the average parent spends more than $2,000 on disposable diapers per child, the savings will add up fast. Once your kiddo starts potty training, he or she will be better able to tell when a cloth diaper is wet, helping the process move forward more quickly.

Plus, our cloth diapers come in a variety of fun prints and colors. Your little one will look extra cute with his or her bottom wrapped in plaid or chevron stripes underneath a baby top. From diapers to wet bags and baby wipes, you'll find everything you need for cloth diapering at Kmart.