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Baby Diapering

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Change baby with ease using baby diapers and supplies

A supply of quality baby diapers ensures that your little one will stay clean and comfortable throughout the day. Diapering supplies, like diaper pails and stackers from Kmart, help parents spend less time fussing at the changing table and more time bonding with their new bundle of joy. Outfit your nursery with functional accessories for a cleaner and more efficient space.

Whether you prefer disposable or cloth options, baby diapers are an essential part of life with the newborn. Disposable diapers are designed for simplicity and ease of use. The soft lining absorbs wetness, while the exterior prevents leaks as baby sleeps in the crib. Some diapers even add a wetness indicator, so parents know when to grab a new diaper from the stacker. Cloth diapers are a reusable option made of plush fabrics that are gentle on the skin. Try a pre-fold diaper made of cotton flannel and adjust the fit with a baby-safe diaper pin.

Stash pre-moistened wipes in the nursery and diaper bag to save time while cleaning up. Try a scented wipe for a burst of freshness or a moisture-rich wipe to soothe the skin. Toss used wipes and diapers in a diaper pail that traps scents and is lined with an odor-resistant liner bag for extra protection. When junior starts transitioning from baby diapers, Kmart also has plenty of potty training supplies for the bathroom. Take care of your little one with convenient diapering supplies.