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Performance Auto Parts

Transform your vehicle with the power of performance auto parts

Performance auto parts can turn an ordinary car into an extraordinary vehicle that you're proud to show off. Create a smoother and more comfortable ride with suspension upgrades, or crank up the horsepower for a little extra kick on the highway. Kmart has parts that are compatible with nearly any make and model, so finding the right fit for your vehicle is simple.

Bring your classic car up to date with new mechanical and electronic components. Install a new intercooler in a turbocharged hot rod using a hose clamp and other installation accessories. The durable construction can handle high speeds with finesse. Keep track of your car's performance with new gauges, or add high-tech accessories with compatible electrical parts. Grab a fuse and wire connectors before adding the radar detector or dash cam to your vehicle.

Performance parts can also enhance your vehicle's handling and appearance. Create a more responsive feel while navigating turns with a stiffer chassis, or lower the suspension for a cool new look. Suspension kits can also take your truck to new heights. Raise the chassis and upgrade the car tires for more fun on off-road adventures. Upgrade and maintain your vehicles with new performance auto parts from Kmart.