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Protect your engine from wear with engine oil additives

Help reduce friction, heat and damage to your engine with engine oil additives. Use them every time you change the oil. For additional maintenance, pour fuel treatments into the gas tank whenever you stop to fill up. These solutions perform specific tasks based on the unique needs of your vehicle. Whether you’re looking to keep an old engine running smoothly or prepare a new car for many years of use, you'll find engine oil additives that meet your needs from Kmart.

Give older cars special treatment by taking steps to revitalize them. Keep the body sparkling clean with car polishers. and keep the engine running smoothly with engine oil additives. If your car consumes oil quickly or you sometimes experience dry starts when you turn the key in the ignition, try incorporating petroleum-based additives into your auto maintenance routine. Engine additives can help keep newer cars feel factory-fresh longer. To protect the engine’s parts from wear right from the start, use additives with zinc compounds.

Once your car is running as smoothly as possible with the right car additives, make sure you customize the look and feel of the inside with new car interior accessories to make it your own. Take control of your car’s performance with engine oil additives from Kmart.