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Automotive Basics

Protect and maintain your vehicle with automotive basics

Whether you're a new driver or you've been behind the wheel for years, there are some automotive basics you should always have in your car. Even if you leave simple auto repairs like windshield wiper replacements to the pros, stocking car basics like a tire pressure gauge or emergency gear helps to make sure you're ready for just about anything when you're on the road. Kmart also carries jumper cables and adaptors to charge a vehicle or use your personal electronics.

Once you prepare your vehicle for an emergency, consider car basics to keep your ride looking great. Auto detailing gear can recondition interior and prevent stains from taking hold in your upholstery. Some products also protect the look of your car inside and out. Keep a package of all-purpose auto cloths in your trunk to clean yourself after detailing work or completing projects under the hood with your mechanic tool set.

While many vehicles come with some of the auto basics you need, be sure to stock up on auto detailing equipment, electronics and security accessories. Choose from a wide selection or aftermarket alarms, steering wheel locks and tire sprays. Kmart has the automotive basics you need to stay prepared while you're on the road.