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Keep your truck protected with a universal truck cover

Weather can play a huge part in the damage or dings your pickup truck gathers over time. Built-up dirt on an uncovered windshield can cause undue wear and tear on your windshield wiper blades. Even the paint job faces constant battles with sun, snow and street debris, especially when it's always parked in the driveway. Keep your pickup protected outdoors with a heavy-duty universal truck cover from Kmart.

From large pickup trucks to small crossover SUVs, your ride requires ample coverage when it's parked outside. A universal-fit truck cover shields any truck or SUV from top to bottom and bumper to bumper. These tarps are able to keep everything from pollen to debris from mucking up your vehicle's exterior. If there is a severe storm on the horizon, a cover can protect the paint from rain or hail. While it's important to protect your pickup outside, you also should consider guarding your vehicle if it's parked in storage. A universal car cover will keep layers of dust from hitting the truck's exterior when it's in a storage garage.

Don't let your truck or SUV's exterior take a pounding. A heavy from Kmart can ensure your pickup stays protected from the weather and elements.