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Exterior Accessories

Improve your vehicle with exterior car accessories from Kmart

Whether you're heading on a camping trip or preparing for an everyday commute, your car needs essential components before hitting the road. Kmart offers a wide variety of exterior car accessories for your SUV, pickup or sedan. Choose from a large selection of roof racks, truck boxes and other gear to transport small items from point A to point B. If you're looking to add style on your ride, there also are many types of aftermarket spoilers, body styling trim and exterior car parts that get the job done.

One exterior car accessory that always comes in handy is a car canopy or port. A car canopy can be set up at the campsite or on your driveway to keep your vehicle guarded from rain and debris. Some models are fully enclosed, with fabric that reaches the ground on all sides for complete coverage. If protecting your ride is important, consider using full-vehicle and windshield covers to keep the paint and windows shielded when your car is parked.

When hauling camping gear or other cargo, a car-top carrier can be a lifesaver. If you have a bike rack attached to the back of your vehicle, it can make getting into the trunk a little challenging. A car top carrier lets you keep that space clear while storing all the gear you need. Some carriers have hard shells that offer the optimal protection against the elements. Whether it's for style or convenience, Kmart has many types of exterior car accessories for your vehicle.