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Dress sharp with Kmart sewing and garment care

Whether the goal is to stock up on a few essentials for basic garment care or to outfit a dedicated sewing room, Kmart has the right stuff. We have a large inventory of items related to making and mending clothing and getting the wrinkles out. We can also help organize even the most cluttered sewing room.

The most essential tool for both tailor and mender is the sewing machine. We have an ample supply, courtesy of veteran sewing machine manufacturers like Singer and Toyota. Choosing the right model depends on individual sewing needs. We have simple, affordable machines to tackle the occasional repair of a split seam. At the other end of the spectrum, we have computerized models with memory cards for storing information about past projects and with literally thousands of stitch functions, facilitating complicated embroidery patterns. In addition, we have electronic sewing machines that fit somewhere in between the simple and high-tech models.

For sewers who need portability to carry a sewing machine to sewing classes or mending jobs away from home, we offer models that weigh just 10 pounds. They come with carry bags. But we also stock heavy-duty models, weighing more than 20 pounds. These models can be a lifesaver for coping with heavy fabrics and a high load of sewing projects.

Our sewing machines come with multiple presser feet, for tasks like installing a zipper or stitching a buttonhole. Many have automatic needle threaders and automatic tie-off options for reinforcing seams. Another convenient feature is a free-arm bed, allowing easy stitching of cuffs and armholes. We also carry numerous parts for our sewing machines, including extra bobbins and a large variety of specialized presser feet. This is also the place for such indispensable, low-tech sewing tools as scissors, from conventional pinking and dressmakers' shears to rotary cutters.

Once the garment is made, it will make frequent trips to the laundry. And that means wrinkles. Our Sunbeam, Black and Decker and other steam irons will get the wrinkles out. Many of our irons have automatic shutoff and spray-shot options. We also carry cordless, rechargeable irons, as well as hand-held garment steamers, to take the wrinkles out of clothing on the hanger.

Our drying stations are designed for maximum convenience. We carry everything from retractable clotheslines to free-standing, rolling and wall-mounted drying racks. In addition, we have mesh units, for sweaters and other delicate garments that must be dried flat. No matter how tough your drying jobs, we have the accessories you need to get it done.

Now that you have all this sewing gear, you'll need to organize it. Our sewing cabinets serve multiple functions: as a base for the sewing machine, as a counter for laying out and cutting patterns and as a storage unit. Many cabinets have multiple drawers, shelves and racks for such items as scissors, patterns, measuring tape, spools of thread, extra bobbins and presser feet. Our high end cabinets double as attractive, as well as practical furniture.

We also have numerous kinds of cases and tote bags, designed to carry portable sewing machines and sewing supplies.