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Cool almost any space with a wall air conditioner

If central air isn’t an option, a wall air conditioner can be the next best thing. For many renters and homeowners, never having to move a window unit or strategically arrange fans around the room would be reason enough to upgrade to a wall-mounted AC unit. Instead of struggling with installing a window unit, you could push a button and have the cool air you need.

A wall air conditioner can be a permanently installed in the wall, venting heat outward while insulating the room or apartment from the heat or cold outside. This type of AC unit features special energy conserving settings as well. Timers and multi-direction controls offer more cooling options than you might find in a window or portable air conditioner.

Certain wall-mounted AC units also feature heat pumps built in. When summer turns to autumn and the first chill ripples through the room, your wall unit can pump heat and keep the room comfortable. Kmart carries a wide variety of devices that can cover small rooms as small as 300 square feet or spaces more than 500 square feet. Just set the temperature you feel is the most comfortable and relax, knowing your wall air conditioner will take care of the rest.