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Stay comfortable in your home or workspace with a new fan

When the temperature rises, keep air properly circulated throughout your home or office with a new fan. Rather than cranking up the air conditioner when the heat gets unbearable, turn on a powerful portable fan to send a cooling breeze through any space in your home. Choose a gorgeous ceiling model to complement a contemporary living room or pick up a tiny table fan to cool off a cramped office. Kmart has a diverse selection of styles to make any room more comfortable.

If you need to improve air circulation quickly, try a larger design with serious cooling power. Install a twin window fan in a stuffy apartment to whip fresh air throughout the space. A portable floor fan can unleash a streaming gust of air of wind with a simple twist of a knob, and it works well indoors and outdoors. When you’re varnishing the deck, bring an oscillating, high-velocity model into the yard to speed up the drying process.

A compact option is convenient in a smaller room. Add a table fan to an office desk to generate a calming breeze during a hectic work day. For a little extra power, try stand and tower models. These tall designs save space with their vertical design, so you'll have plenty of space for extra appliances like humidifiers and air purifiers. Stay cool with affordable and convenient fans from Kmart.