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Men's work socks will work as hard as you

You know that the day ahead is going to be tough. No matter if the work is hard or if the elements are going to put you to the test, you need your workwear to hold up as well as you will. Finding the right workwear starts at the bottom: with the right pair of socks. The support has to be there, and so does the comfort. Find socks that are truly the total package and worry about one less thing when they are on your feet.

Like with athletics socks, workwear socks come in every imaginable cut or length. That's mostly because you need them to do more than just absorb sweat. But first things first: rather than wear socks that are just below or above the ankle, workwear socks will sit a third of the way to just below the knee on your leg. Though there are athletic socks that share these lengths, workwear socks go the extra mile. But like regular men's socks, these can be worn with sneakers, too! Though many men try to pass off the same socks for work and fun, it's not a great plan; you don't want socks sitting three-quarters from the knee while wearing shorts.

The first thing you will notice about workwear socks is that even though they are made to be more resilient than their athletic cousins, they are lightweight. They also will provide additional heel and toe support. This is great for anyone who is on their feet all day; having that additional support helps reduce the formation of blisters. Other features include arch support and greater cushioning in the sole. Many of the workwear socks are made to maximize air ventilation, which helps keep your feet from getting too funky. A big innovation in recent years is the ability for the socks to wick away moisture, much like athletic shirts and shorts are capable of doing.

Even though you may not be showing off these great socks, hidden in your work boots and under men's work khakis, they are the front line to comfort all day long, no matter how hot or cold it may be where you are. If you are concerned about the colors the socks are available in, many come in white, black and gray as well as two-toned. Some styles are available in brown and tan, to match khaki pants or brown trousers.

Trusting the comfort of your feet all day is no easy task. Because Kmart knows what you go through and how hard you work, we bring you brands you know you can trust. Brands such as Dickies, which is among the leaders in workwear, bring you more than just socks, but some of the finest men's workwear accessories. Get all of your workwear needs taken care of at Kmart. There's no reason to go anywhere else.