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What is a 4K HDTV?

The enhanced viewing experience of a 4K HDTV can bring true cinematic experience into your home theater, but before you make that investment in a new TV it's important to understand what exactly 4K can do for you.

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What is a Smart HDTV?

Smart Televisions connect to the internet and allow you to access online media, such as movies, music and social media.

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Laptop Features to Look For

These devices are split up into four main categories: midsize laptops, desktop replacements, portable laptops and tablets. These common categories also correspond to different price ranges.

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Buying a Digital Camera

What should you look for when buying digital camera? The first decision to make is whether to buy a point-and-shoot camera or a digital SLR camera.

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Enjoy countless hours of entertainment with televisions from Kmart

After a long day at the office, nothing beats curling up on the couch and enjoying your favorite shows or movies. Kmart carries a large selection of high-quality televisions, so you and the entire family can watch everything in stunning clarity. Choose a smart TV with Internet connection for the bedroom or a flat panel model with a built-in DVD player for the living room. No matter what you need, you'll find televisions that fit your budget.

Whether you're building a home theater or looking to add more to your living room, high-definition models are a must. 4K Ultra HD TVs uses a large number of pixels to create impeccable clarity. Kmart also carries a large selection of LCD and LED models that use special lighting features to give you the HD quality you desire.

Many shows are now available on the Internet or through streaming apps, so you can enjoy them at any time. Instead of viewing episodes or movies from a small computer screen, stream them through a Smart TV. This model has a built-in streaming media player to access apps and web browsers using either a wired or wireless connection. You can even use this model to access instant messaging, social media and other online services. Whether it's for the bedroom or living room, Kmart carries a wide selection of televisions for your entire home.

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